What Stresses Us Out The Most?

Just coming off a great weekend, lots of outdoors time which is so important to clearing our heads…
In any event, on a coffee break yesterday, I got to enjoy a great PBS show on the adverse effects of stress, the age accelerating and disease causing components in particular.
Lots of evidence presented that people (and in fact animals) who lack a ‘sense of control in their lives’ are sick more often and seriously, are frequently depressed and just unhappy. In fact the deterioration in life quality is profound.
And so it is in practice. I find every day that those who are clear on intent, are busier, continue to study and learn great business and marketing skills, make better decisions, are far happier both long and short term are far less stressed, happier and more fulfilled.
Here’s some practical things you can do to make this easier:
"Since I Started planning better, my practice is really growing again..."

Frequently, step back and take a look at the “big picture”. This needs to be during regularly scheduled planning time, at least weekly. The true masters though continuosly visualize this entire process.
Rekindle your purpose, but more than that, share it with patients and staff, regularly. This is why tools such as in-office events, workshops and Instant Patient Newsletter are so powerful, they help keep your purpose front and center.
Regain a sense of control over your business! Set some new goals. Make full usage of checklists, game plans, your marketing calendars, staff meetings. Monitor your hits and misses. Continuously strive to make it all systems in your practice more effective.
Work from ONE Master checklist. Don’t overwhelm yourself, but do mark off your accomplishments every day.
Lastly, be sure to focus on thoroughly implementing the revenue generating services that patients want, and gladly pay for.
Just remember, it’s all about continuously practicing by design, not default.

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