Download and Read Dr Becks Neuropathy Ad Manual.pdf before placing any display ads. These are all copyright, and your information is registered with Dr. Beck and Perfect Practice Web, LLC. 

Dr. Hayes also created an Ad Variation of Dr. Becks ads to show you what Dr Hayes does by offering screenings or risk analysis.


Area Exclusive Marketing Rights are granted only to our original charter members and to new Comodore Level clients ONLY. DO NOT sign advertising agreements with vendors OR spend on Extensive Paid Marketing without TESTING FIRST to see which components are MOST effective in YOUR AREA.

Please note for each Ad that Dr. Beck writes, the time limits and the number of days for the offer to expire are written as is for a reason. Your Patients need to know it is important that they act now.
Each of Dr. Beck’s Ads has a Dr. Hayes variant. We have adjusted some of the terminology for a reason. Please review both versions of the Ads before you decide which to use.
Ad 1 Dr Beck – Could This Be Neuropathy.doc
Ad 1 Dr Hayes – Could This Be Neuropathy Varient.doc
Ad 2 Dr Beck – Rebuilder.doc
Ad 2 Dr Hayes – Rebuilder varient.doc
Ad 3 Dr Beck – Neuropathy Myths.doc
Ad 3 Dr Hayes – Neuropathy Myths Varient.doc

Additional Display Ads and Radio Spots are delivered to you throughout the year.

*Full Access Members may request the existing library from us directly by FAXING a request on letterhead with owners signature to 774-516-1302

Other Powerful ND Systems:

A. Ask about Our PPW Multi-Media Marketing Consortiums.

B. Investigate if Licensing The 30 Minute “Beating Neuropathy Television Infomercial” is available in your area.*Pursuant to our agreement with FYI Media, after a $500 Deposit is received, a Market Analysis is performed to discover and negotiate best media buys on local and national stations. If Your area is available, the $500 is credited towards your Personalization of the BN Infomercial and First Year License. To proceed, leave a voicemail at 781-754-0599.

*Any Self-Published Media in any form may not reference NeuropathyDR(R) or use the logos, content etc without our written permission after review of proposed material.

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