Lets be honest with each other. Could your practice income use a BIG BOOST? Are things around the office lately just not as crisp as they should be? Would you be having a much better holiday weekend if so much “stuff” was not SLIPPING through the cracks? Having difficulty attracting and then retaining affluent patients because of what your office systems and environment “says” to them?

Do you need to be able to MAXIMIZE the impact that NeuropathyDR(TM) and other our other powerful programs can have in your practice by cleaning up and tightening some things RIGHT NOW?

Then, are you willing to invest a little quiet time in the comfort of your own home that just might add Thousands of dollars in income ALMOST IMMEDIATELY, cut your stress level, radically improve patient satisfaction, and FLOOD your office with NEW and FORMER Patients to REALLY put your practice back on top?
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Using techniques Especially important in TODAY’S Economy?
Well, doctors who implement this program tell us they accomplish just that!
Now there is an easy and convenient way to grab a POWERFUL set of methods for creating a profitable and enjoyable private practice in four  45-minute training webcasts, COMPLETE WITH the word for word transcripts.
IF YOU ACT RIGHT NOW, I’ll Even include a special BONUS Audio Session and Transcript.
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Here’s what you’ll learn:
Through the Powerful Practices Makeover teleconference series I’ll teach you how to avoid becoming a victim of the financial crisis and take charge by building a private practice with some of the most powerful “secret weapons’ previously available only to the most successful practice owners in the world… We’ll cover strategies for new and established practitioners – Whether you’re just getting your feet wet or have been “swimming in the deep end” of private practice for years, you’ll find valuable, actionable information you can use with your practice right away.
Here’s how it will help you:
Module – 1  Clean Up Your Act!
–    We’ll start from the ground up.  What do your patients seen when they visit your office?
–    Together we’ll go through an entire tour of your physical space, and provide ideas for additions, deletions to instantly update decor, expand patient education, and more.
–    Learn how to use every square foot to reinforce your message, increase revenue, and make it fun and comfortable for your patients – and their children.
Module 2  – Massive Patient Reactivation Strategies: Think about how much revenue you could add to your practice if you were still treating all the patients you use to care for.  What if you only got 10, 15, 20% of them back… what would that do to you your bottom line?
–    An in-depth look at series of recall and reactivation strategies to flood your office with former patients.
–    Multiple on and off line strategies will be presented.
Module 3  – Overlooked internal marketing “Direct Hits” and Getting Testimonials:
If you’ve been in private practice for any period of time you’ve heard that getting testimonials from happy patients is surefire way to establish credibility and increase your patient flow.
–    Testimonials are the most powerful free marketing tool, ever. Learn to Convert current patients into raving fans who pay, stay and refer their friends.
–    I’ll teach you how to capture and use all these in your marketing, both on and off line – for just pennies-  and boost referrals instantly.
Module 4  – Marketing Automation:
–    Once and for all put your marketing on autopilot!  How to put systems in place that keep you in front of your community.
–    Learn how you can create a “competition-free zone” and recession proof your business.
–    Implement marketing systems so your private practice operates with precision …WHETHER YOU’RE ACTUALLY THERE OR NOT.
BONUS Module 5- The secrets to immediately unlocking the power behind MakeOver week.
My members got this first, and Now, you too can have the keys to the secrets of making this all WORK.
*Our Client Doctors who took this program live told me it changed their entire outlook on practicing in today’s world, the Very First Session!
JUST 27 copies are now ON SALE at just $227, and will all be edilvered as soon as your payment is processed!

By using these secrets in my own practice, (unlike most consultants we actually run practices and test what we sell) we added $16238.40 in just 4 weeks! That’s an OVA of 101.49, on NO additional external marketing expenses!!!!!  (Of course, your results may vary, and are dependent upon your own implementation and execution.)

Try THAT investment ROI anywhere else in private practice, all while in the midst of the biggest economic collapse in a century!

Read what our docs say about this, then be one of seven more to invest HERE right now

while JUST  27 7 copies remain at this LOW, LOW price!

I remain dedicated to helping you live the life of your dreams and multiplying your income,

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