It’s no secret. I’m a play junkie. If I don’t go outside and play, regularly, I get cranky, stale. Daily work becomes harder, stiffer, less fluid. You probably are the same. But maybe it’s been far too long since you let yourself find out.
We’ll here’s a whole new reason to go play.
Patients love it!  No Kidding. Play, travel and just getting out and doing something you love makes you real, keeps you pleasantly conversant, and someone they really want to emulate.
The problem is for too many who run a private practice we become far too rigid in daily and especially weekly routines. Over achievers like health care professionals put their inner child last. In fact, we are some of the most under-recreated people ever. Big mistake. Illness, divorce, depression are far too often the price.
Now, I am giving you a whole new reason to disconnect, and kick up your heels! Regularly.
It will help you build an enormous practice! Why? Because you can use your play to market yourself while feeling more rested, creative and inspired to be your very best…
And, captured on video or still images, it gives you real fodder for some incredible marketing in the office.
I found out about this along time ago when I started adding fun to in-office events, themes and patient reminders…
(More coming soon…)

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Goofing off with my brother In Ireland
Goofing off with my brother In Ireland

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