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There is lots of material here that can take significant time and study to implement. You MUST First CHOOSE the size and style practice you desire, then use the components accordingly.

Do Not get overwhelmed, let us guide you. Become a Good Marketing Student by learning how to “TEST” without wasting money. Please, let us Guide You Through This Process!
Please post questions on the Your Members FB forum, or make use of your call-in-coaching time.
1. Before spending money on extensive marketing, become fully familiar with the concerns of these patients. You must train and role play with your staff too. We have produced the “How To Do A Health Risk Analysis” .doc for you to customize below.
2. We suggest you offer those prospective patients who are unsure about becoming a patient a “Neuropathy or Health Risks Analysis” visit first. This is a separate first visit in which no charges occur. To assist your staff training and scheduling patients I have also uploaded Health Risks and NeuropathyDR(R) Screening templates for you to customize. (N.B. The “Analysis” is NOT your New Patient Visit (NPOV)! The NPOV should be a separate visit paid for like any other new patient in your practice.)

3. VIDEO links and website EMBED codes are on a .doc file for you to use on your website and social media as long as you remain a paying monthly member. *You LOSE the license to use ANY OF THIS material and our logos, websites, and any ND listings on or off-line as a Licensed Treatment Center if your membership is discontinued.

*Perfect Practice Web, LLC. does not endorse or advise free or reduced fee on any billable services, but instead suggests you consider offering a complimentary “analysis or screening”.

A. Learn How to Screen Prospective Patients Your Marketing Generates by Learning how to do a proper “Neuropathy or Health Risks Analysis”

How to do a Health Risk Analysis For Prospective ND Patient.doc
ND Prospect initial Call Script.doc
(Work with your staff in developing this for your own office.
Sample telephone intake for screening is attached)
NeuropathyDR-Screening-Form-1 (Customize this .doc)
New Neuro Pt Call in Script (Thanks to Dr. Ellen Blomerth)
Clinician Neuropathy Analysis Scripting.doc
Welcome Letter for New Patient To My Office.doc
Neuropathy Patient No Show For Exam (Customize and mail this .doc letter to no-show patients)
B. Work The Local Community By Visiting Oncologists, Neurologists and PCPs:
A. First, Send the Introductory Package*: You may order Discounted BN Books by
Faxing an order to 774-516-1302
B. Then, have your Marketing Assistant set up some visits, or just drop in and get aquainted!
C. Plan Periodic Follow-Up Visits, Stay-In-Touch Campaigns and Mail Professional Newsletters to them Each Month!

*Dear Dr Client To Customize Send with BN Book.doc
(Mail This Letter With The MD Newsletter and a Copy of “Beating Neuropathy”
Then follow up with a visit from yourself or staff member)

MDs Intro to ND Cover Letter 1.13
Cover Letter for MD BN News 1.13
Sample Followup Letter for MDs 1.13
Be Sure To Watch These Videos.

First, learn how to use the ND Tools Completely to do Effective Neuropathy Analyses and Consults.

You should also use these in your web and social media:
Marketing Pros Tip: GO TO YouTubeNeuropathyDoctor– If you’d like to use the ND Videos Here, You can as long as you maintain your valid license.
C. Next, schedule Patient and Community Workshops. You May Customize and Use These Patient Workshop PPTs:
Diagnosisof PN.ppt
Patient Lecture.ppt
What is Neuropathy.ppt
Diagnosis of PN.ppt
NeuropathyDR Lay Lecture (INSTRUCTIONS: This Presentation Takes about 45 minutes to deliver, 15 minutes is saved for your close and offer: Sign-up of Neuropathy Analysis Patients!)
D. REMEMBER: Adding a “Health Coach” and Weight Management Program can
really put you in a better position marketing your practice
as well as to really help obesity, a key component in
Neuropathy of Metabolic Syndrome, and often Diabetes and some Cancers.
Learn More by taking this 40 Min Webinar HERE and go HERE to enroll your clinic if this was not supplied with your initial membership.

E. Make Good usage of NeuropathyDR Window and Signage Decals, as well as NeuropathyDR scrub tops, clothing etc. are available only through our licensed provider ABC Specialties. GO TO ABC Specialties and fill out the webform 24/7 or call Deb Randall at 781-447-1532.
Remember, clinic and staff appearance, cleanliness and attire really add to patient experiences and help overcome price resistance!
Next, Start To Learn about Off-Line, And Effective Radio, TV, Newspaper and even Infomercial Marketing Campaigns.Advanced  Marketing is contained in Module 5, Display Ads are Contained in Module 9 and new material is released periodically.


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