Selectively use these advanced tactics to build the practice size of your choosing. Keep in mind that multi-step simultaneous campaigns produce far greater results than one step, simple and less expensive approaches to marketing your practice. PLEASE, before you spend on advanced marketing, let us help guide you! Schedule a consultation with us by phone or use your Call-In Coaching Days for this purpose.

*Any Self-Published Media in any form may not reference NeuropathyDR(R) or use the logos, content etc without our written permission after review of proposed material.
Other Powerful ND Systems:
A. Ask about Our PPW Multi-Media Marketing Consortiums.
B. Investigate if Licensing The 30 Minute “Beating Neuropathy Television Infomercial” is available in your area.*Pursuant to our agreement with FYI Media, after a $500 Deposit is received, a Market Analysis is performed to discover and negotiate best media buys on local and national stations. If Your area is available, the $500 is credited towards your Personalization of the BN Infomercial and First Year License. To proceed, leave a voicemail at 781-754-0599.
Sample 60 Second Radio Ad.mp3
Sample Beating Neuropathy New Radio Ad.mp3
Building and Enormous ND Practice with Dr Merritt.mp3
Implementation and Growth – The ND Marketing Package.mp3
“Here is a GREAT Radio Ad Audio File- note all the features, tempo, offer, deadline, call to action.”
NeuropathyDR2013 Newvision 60 sec Radio.doc
Neuropathy DR – Call by June 2 – 052113 – 0407.mp3
Sample Neuropathy Booster Ad image foot.pdf (this ad is meant to be run very inexpensively on the weeks in between running the large display ads you’ll find in Module 9)
Customize Mail To Prospective Patients.doc
Press Release Sample Neuropathy.doc
Sample Beating Neuropathy New Radio Ad.doc
Create Your Own – What is Neuropathy.ppt
Create Your Own Dx.ppt
What is Neuropathy.ppt
Beating Neuropathy.mp4
Cause of PN Rev 062310.mp4
Diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy.mp4

*Order These Customizable Posters, Brochures and Books as

Advanced Marketing Tools. Just Call 781-754-0599.

Other Advanced Marketing Tips and Reminders!

A. You should also be PROMINENTLY using the ND logo (attached) on your websites and linking them to , or preferably your OWN ND Branded Site as this is where we educate prospective patients, world wide now!
B. Spend 15 MINS A DAY, EVERY DAY, BUILDING your ND Practice on the Social Networks, FREE. Just devote 15 mins/day, always be respectful of others and professional at all times. All you need to do is to make sure you are linking back to your clinics ND Website after posting a pertinent video, or clinical tip or maybe even a case study!
Get yourself active on Facebook NeuropathyDoctor.Com HERE:
If You Run a PT Practice, Become active HERE:
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Use Books as Patient and Professional Tools. Use Books as “Calling Cards” when marketing To Medical Teams, Oncology Groups, etc

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