Getting started is as easy as A. B. C….

A. Please Download, Print and Read

B. Next, take 1.5 hours or so quiet time with a pad and pen and watch the

1. A-Z  NeuropathyDR Clinicians Training

This webinar is passcode protected, you will need to request it via your forum and you will receive a private message with the current code. Take the webinar HERE

This is your CRUCIAL BASIC TRAINING DISTILLED INTO VERY FORMULAIC STEPS! Remember, the heavy and academic material is handled in the texts, monthly training webinars, and most especially, your personal coaching calls.

C. To initiate set up of your unique NeuropathyDR(R)Website and Done-For-You Social Media Services…

You need to have a personal FB page set up first. Take a few minutes with these 3 short intro to FB videos…they should help you understand more!

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

1. Take three minutes with the Market Domination Website page, THEN…

2. Authorize Set Up HERE

IMPORTANT! To set up your site you MUST supply us ALL of the required materials in a SINGLE email please! You should have at a minimum, quality photos as .jpeg, your main clinic logo in .jpeg, office hours, address phone, all demographics, a Bio and  REMEMBER, the better and more original the copy, the better your results will be! NEXT, you can create your own Welcome to Our ND Clinic Video, and post it to your YouTube Acct. Use this ND Clinic Video Script For Web Home Page

To have us post additional material to your SM pages, simple fill out the webform HERE

We’ll be posting on your behalf 3-6x weekly neuropathy related content, but to really go for it, take advantage of this incredible extra FREE service. Take 30 mins/week with this and it could be worth MANY THOUSANDS to your ND Specialty Practice.

DO NOT underestimate the impact of this, as many of our clinics have Page 1 Google Rankings for their area in the most common patient searches! You can’t buy this website traffic any other way for less than thousands/month and some incredible time demands.

*You’ll want to Make Sure Your Staff is Enrolling ALL Your NeuropathyDR Patients at YOUR OWN ND Website! (if you don’t yet have a custom ND Site, Just enroll them at …we educate and market to your patients FOR YOU, sending them a twice weekly ezine, ebooks, answer their telephone questions and emails on your behalf, this is all part of your monthly licensing and support membership fees…

FINALLY: Once all these steps are completed, CALL 781-754-0599 to set up your initial live training with our team!



Again, Make Sure ALL Your Patients are opting in at Your Custom Website!

*Once A.B.C. are complete, and you have had your initial coaching session with our office, your info will be posted on

Enjoy the programs, remember, we are here to help and support you!


Building an Enormous ND Practice with Dr. Merritt.mp3


NeuropathyDR(R) Ebook/Story Worth a Read Through!.pdf



IF you have Clinical questions, please be posting them on your Members Only Facebook Forum. If they are private, you can message Dr. Hayes directly on the forum as well.


Reminder *As long as your membership is active, you are required to
use these Trademarks/Logos on all web and paper marketing you choose to adopt in your clinic. Please upload these to your websites and Social Media Pages with the appropriate backlinks.

If your membership becomes inactive for any reason your license is void and you are subject to all applicable penalties for such usage.

*ANY and ALL ND Materials you use as a licensed member MUST contain a Credit to NeuropathyDR(R) and Backlink to

-Right Click on each logo, Save Image As, select the Neuropathy folder you should have already created on your desktop. BE SURE these logos display prominently on all your practice websites with back-links to


Suggested Text Books and References

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