Join Dr. David Phillips and Dr. John Hayes, Jr. as they explore exciting new ways to help the 20 million sufferers with peripheral neuropathy.

Here are a few clinical trials in my office using this new protocol:

Lois is an 80 YO lady with Diabetes. Her FBS is around 180, on medication. She has suffered with peripheral neuropathy, (burning, tingling, extreme sleep disturbance and loss of sensation at her Left Great Toe.
Her initial exam showed a loss of sensation to light touch, and complete loss of vibration at her Left Great Toe.
We started the ReBuilder treatment, combined with low back and pelvic stretching and mobilizations. 
Four sessions into her 1-month trial, she is starting to get sensation back in her great toe! At 5 weeks, she is sleeping well now every night except for 1 she says, with almost NO PDN Sx!
This is nothing short of a miracle for this lovely woman.

Sandy is 53. At 47, she was treated with Cisplatin for 6 weeks for cervical cancer. The cancer is cured, but the devastating effects of the chemoRx put her in a wheelchair the last 4 years. Everyone she saw told her nothing could be done, until she saw my article in the local paper.
When I examined her, her legs from the hips down were ice cold and pale, especially her feet. She had almost complete anesthesia to touch below her knees, and loss of vibration distal to her iliac crests.

Her manual motor testing was good, but she could not walk without a walker, due to the foot anesthesia.
I suggested we do a one-month trial. Her husband agreed. Well, after 3 treatments, I notice rubor of her previously pale skin. Furthermore, massage now induced a vascular response. 5 treatments later, she has sensation returning to the plantar aspect of both feet, so we started gait training! Her daytime skin temps between treatments are greatly improved, just 3 weeks into treatment. We are both ecstatic.
Faith is 54. She developed colon cancer in her late forties. She was treated with chemo Rx (mixed drugs), colostomy and radiation. The chemoRX and surgeries cured her cancer, but she was left with a bilateral stocking and glove tingling, a mryiad of other sensory symptoms and sleep disturbance, needing twice daily dosages of Lyrica to function.
After beginning the treatment protocol we discussed, she is getting sensation back at her feet. At 2 weeks, her PN symptoms are improving. Her skin temps and texture are likewise improved. I am very encouraged I was able to anything for this patient, who previously I would have been unable to help. By the way, she tells me at treatment 5, she has cut her daytime use of Lyrica, and fully intends to stop it altogether ASAP.
Dr. Phillips, Thank you, from the three of us! I changed patient names, but the clinical progress in these patients is nothing short of miraculous!
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