Core Module Secret 3

Staffing and Daily Operations of the Perfect Practice

Using and hiring an incredible pool of untapped potential employees to save a fortune, and minimize your stress.

Really, please take your time with this. Master the entire Perfect Practice Web Team Building concepts.

We present fully our tested hiring and training templates to help you staff your perfect practice!

Supplement your knowledge with the BreakThrough Sessions by Deb Collins, R.N., Attorney Doug Lodmell and our other experts.

Remember, We are NOT your Attorney!

*Be SURE to always consult your own counsel and state laws!!!!

Core Module Secret 3.mp3

Core Module Secret 3 Staffing executive Summary.pdf

Core Module Secret 3 Staffing the Perfect Practive transcript.pdf

Core Module secret 3 Staffing the Perfect Practice *Sample Staffing Notes 1.pdf

Core Module Secret 3.ppt

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Staffing Support Solutions HERE

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