Its 515 AM, I’m relaxing with a cup of coffee as I get ready to speak at the South Carolina Chiropractic Convention in Myrtle Beach SC in less than 3 hours.
As I started my day, as I do each morning I pulled out my goal and accomplishments list, I call it my AAA Priority list.
And I am very thankful to work with such great chiropractors, physical therapists and physicians of many disciplines
on Private Practice 2.0, for the new world we now face.
Its only July, and almost half the goals I set for myself and our companies, and my family are accomplished already or well on their way.
Is everything perfect?
Of course not.
Challenges to overcome?
Of course. Some will be enormous.
But without the power of daily focus, I wouldn’t be in this beautiful place writing to you this morning…
Thank you for help making my dreams come true!
Have a great day!

The Power of Focus and Living Your Dreams

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