Start with a clean sheet of paper and list out what really makes you happy. Personally, professionally, financially.
Far too often, people spend more time planning leisure activities than they do vocational. But the most successful carefully carve out a practice that meets their needs as well as their patients.
What if you were so excited about going to the office that you applied the same level of research and step-by-step planning as you would the trip of a lifetime?
In ninety days, do you think you’d have an entirely new outlook on practice!
One place I see people really get hung up is “tolerating”.

What are you "Tolerating" that might be holding you back?

By that I mean accepting as unchangeable perpetually irritating conditions, or people. In the office, it could be a staff person that never should have been hired, or you are quite frankly too timid to demand adherence to policy. Or that insurance company that drives your staff nuts you should have cut ties with months ago.
Kind of in the background but none the less, these “tolerances” can be HUGE wastes of time and opportunity.
Honestly, you are a little spooked by all of this, and unsure how to change any of this.

But there is a solution! Come to SuperConference 2010! The entire day will be spent helping each other surmount the biggest issues in private practice right now!

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Scoliosis-patients you can now help more than ever!

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This is a huge area to expand into for any DC or PT. And very rewarding too. This is another BIG opportunity. I have patients driving an hour each way just to bring their kids, and yes even themselves, the often overlooked adult with scoliosis.
Over the last 2 years we’ve seen some great results with rehab and night-time only bracing, exercise and manual therapy.
This will soon be a course product all its own, but act today, and you can have it all FREE! Everything!
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