Most of you know I’m a motor head. Have been since I was 3 years old with the toy trucks. Bought and disassembled a VW Beetle at 13 years old. In fact, one of my uncles taught me to drive his MG with a stick shift that very same year. I’ve built and raced cars, and you’ve seen me on my Bimmer. But THAT’S a whole other story.
I’ve always been fascinated with high-performance machines. And I am particularly attracted to high performing people in all walks of life. I talk to many of you every day now!
One thing I learned very early is that the BIGGEST KEY to high-performance on the track and indeed life is the process of blueprinting.
Now with machines, blueprinting is taking every possible specification of an engine the engineers originally designed and thus engine performance to the finest, highest performing levels.
And I advocate the very same thing for private practice owners. Take an existing practice, fine-tune and maximize its performance. Everything. Staffing, marketing systems, patient care, flow inside the office, etc. It costs only time and a big vision.
Well, here’s what’s different than when I first wrote about this in 2005.
In order to stay profitable, you’ve got to realize the big divide now upon us between private and public health care.
They are actually entirely different strategies.

Talk about a High-Performing, Blueprinted life! George has done it!

How you get paid, how you market. And, make no mistake about it, your personal life too.
That is an entirely new strategic practice Blueprint that has emerged.
So here’s where to begin. Start with a clean sheet of paper and list out what really make s you happy. Personally, professionally, financially…
We’ll have way more next time.

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