In just a little bit, I’ll be on my way to New Jersey to speak at the Referral Ignition Bootcamp my friend Nitin Chhoda DPT is hosting.
This is a closed door session all day Saturday for those who clearly understand that NOW is time to be planning your future private practice strategies. *(if you are local to NYC and still want to sneak a seat, TEXT My Cell at 617-947-2050).

Where Does Your Practice Stand Right Now?

And you know what, as my friend and MD Practice Web partner Dr. Chakrabarti says, “We have way more in common than we do different.” The reality is that there will very likely be much sharper lines drawn between public and private health care systems in the USA. This is demanding a real expansion of the on and offline marketing, management and even staffing techniques we first proposed in 2006. It is also demanding that chiropractors increasingly develop relationships with other private practice owners of the same mindset.
And I am calling this new strategy Private Practice Domination. And thats because those who do really well, in every discipline, chiropractic, medicine and physical therapy will be the dominant forces driving private care in their neighborhoods. Much of this will be specialty care, fitness, anti-aging, and chronic pain.
Seriously. I had this discussion with an oncologist who loves our approach to private practice earlier this week.
But too many practices in all disciplines will likely be shut down. It’s already happening. Disjointed or weak marketing, Medicare and HMOs pulling the plug on major hospitals, community hospitals on the brink of closure.
And too much of the time it’s because staff are not fully conversant in cash sales, dealing with the ” insurance only covers” mentality¬† (both staff and patients).
All of this needs to be clearly handled in your practice or institution one by one, ASAP.
Make no mistake about it. This is a great time to be in practice. Maybe, better than ever before.

IF you know how to capture opportunity.

More to come in the next few days…