It's only a test…winners always look at the big picture

During the last 6 months all our businesses have continued to grow, yes even in the worst economy of our lifetimes.
In fact. a look at YTD numbers shows big gains in every category.
Now I’m talking averages here, because some projects, ventures, campaigns we thought would be killer just were not. Others have wildly exceeded expectations, leading to all types of adaptation, and growth, both inside and outside the core business.
My longstanding private practice is still seeing patients, also experiencing substantial growth and bigger profits. And I only see patients 3 days and 2 hrs/week! That’s all about to change, but thats another story too.
This is the same pattern in every business. The bigger the business the bigger the gains and losses.

Who is YOUR Ideal Patient?

But here’s what differentiates the absolute winners. When something fails, two events simultaneously occur.
1. The next campaign is launched (which is why we teach our clients to have an internal theme EVERY Month!).
2. A careful analysis of what did not work so hot takes place. Remember, all of marketing is simply a TEST.

In practice, like so many other areas, there are reasons things go awry in marketing.
Here’s some biggies:
1. No basic understanding of who your exact target is. Unless you can clearly identify your ideal prospective patient
you’ll never be effective at getting them to respond to your marketing enough to call you, let alone visit your practice.
2. Your practice lacks sufficient capacity to handle large numbers of new patients so some significant self or internal team sabotage occurs. Even if you’ve spent a fortune on ads.
3. There is no clear benefit, offer or deadline to encourage action on the part of the prospective patient or family member.
And of course there are many more.
So, as you look at why something is working great or not, make sure you document the answers.
You’ll need them while planning the next campaign.

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