Put aside all political feelings for the moment, and just observe what’s happened to Americas perception of President Obama as a Commander in Chief in recent days. Ask around, read the media, in fact, pole the patients in your practice.
The BP debacle, failure to act in the very first days of the BP Crisis now has even members of his own party running for cover.
Mr Obama has gotten to where he is politically with very savy marketing, being very short on experience in government AND business by his own admission.
But his lack of business and CEO skills are now blatantly apparent.
And I do not doubt his intentions as President. But will the current political and massive environmental crisis be his permanent undoing?
And if so, why?
If you study history and great leaders it becomes so easy to see.

Failure to ACT LIKE A LEADER.  Timely. Incisively. Effectively

And therein is the most powerful lesson of the week, whether it’s just getting yourself out of bed on time or running a country.

Actions speak volumes about real intentions, and even the best marketing in the world can’t overcome leadership failures.

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