This past weekend I had the opportunity to boat-side and release a 200lb Bluefin Tuna. In case you don’t know, the waters just in my back yard of Cape Cod Bay are amongst the finest in the world for catching these fish.
The experience is like hooking onto a freight train. Seriously. These fish can pull hundreds of yards of line in less than a minute.
Do something wrong, and someone could get seriously injured. So, in small boats especially, it’s got to be a 100% group effort.
But, only one can be in command. The one with the most experience at the helm.
And in practice Doctor, that had better be you. Because when the challenges are on, your team needs to know exactly what, how and when to do what.
Everything from the routine daily tasks to what happens in the event of a bona fide emergency.
Just like on the water, there is no substitute for systems, training and checklists.
And when big quarry awaits, you the Captain must call the shots.
Or risk losing the prize or injuring a team player.
Which is why there is no substitute for training, systems and periodically
reviewing scenarios that we all deal with in day to day practice.

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