Consider this an appeal. Neuropathy patients need much more…

This is from my email inbox . And this does not include social media interactions I moderated all week long.

All of these came in between Friday Midnight and Monday morning to NeuropathyDR Headquarters.

Jes is already forwarding info and calling patients closest to our Ndocs.

However, more docs like you are NEEDED NOW to help stop the misery these patients experience…
Patients WANT what you can deliver. If you are already serving these patients with our NeuropathyDR System, I personally thank you.
If NOT, consider this an appeal.
Patients voices are getting louder and louder. These people are miserable, or someone they love is. I guarantee you, they did NOT have a great weekend.
“…I am very interested in your product but was informed there are no doctors in my area that are trained for its use.  I don’t know how to proceed.
…As we have no one here that practices your methods we can only do the best ourselves. It seems a lost cause here…
And inquiries from prospective neuropathy patients, some of whom actually called my office…

Can You help Doctor?

Providence RI
Bluffton SC
Northumberland PA
Salem Oregon
Midland MI
White Pine TN
Howell Michigan
Brighton MA
Princeton IL
One lady even quoted my book “Beating Neuropathy” in her email about her sick husband…
“We firmly believe that one of the greatest reasons for our success has been that we insist our patients undergo a five-week clinical trial in the office prior to being discharged with the homecare unit.  This trial includes often a nutritional evaluation and extensive clinical baseline and follow-up exams…. Our goal is to get you feeling better and SHOW you how to do so before we send you home…we have found the vast majority of patients that we treat are far better off having an initial period of supervision…Furthermore, it is our opinion and experience that peripheral neuropathy patients need to be very thoroughly evaluated and monitored by a central treating licensed health care professional.  This allows the patient to have one person to coordinate their care and ensure that any necessary diagnostic tests that should have been done have been done and that the patient’s other healthcare conditions are fully addressed.
Doctor, Please help us help these patients! These are people who WANT your guidance, what they DON’T want, is to buy a device on-line and be thrown to the wolves without experiencing everything you can help provide to them.
If you are already helping, thank you. BUT, please make sure you are using all the tools we have given you to help these patients!  Know you’ll never have a lack of patients who want and need your help.

If you are NOT interested in becoming a NeuropathyDR™, please do me a favor.

Consider forwarding this to another DC, MD or PT in your town.
Just don’t say I did not give you a heads up as their practice expands, despite what ever else is going on.

Our patients will thank you.

Have a great day!

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