Slashing Private Practice Revenues

Look who's cutting your income stream now...

June 1st almost here, if you Practice in the USA, both CMS and some private insurers will attempt to welcome you back after the long weekend by potentially slashing your reimbursements.

It could be huge hit if you are unprepared.

And, its not just DCs…

This week, we’ve heard from several MDs looking at our approach to help them transition as well. We talk to members of health care in almost all professions now who are fast deciding there has got to be a better way to live and practice than what the rank and file might tend to accept.
But, if you have been paying attention to us, saying “NO” as review companies disguised as agents of “Change” attempt to slash reimbursements by insurers you’ve had decent relationships for years, you’re doing better than ever! You’ve prepared your patients that they’ll be paying more to stay healthy starting Tuesday.
Well finally, this will be a turning point.
Its either stand up and just say “NO” as my staff has for weeks, even as executives are actually begging us to stay on as providers.
OR, you continue to develop the powerful private practice and rich, rewarding personal life you deserve. By providing the services patients want, need, and can not get in any other office around you.
And as our doctors are finding out, this approach is emotionally and financially liberating. Teach patients your reasons why and most of them get it.
Be silent, and…well lets not go there.
I salute you as you move forward and welcome the opportunities to help you!
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