One of the most amazing things happened in our clinic last week.
We actually set a record for OVs, and I didn’t even know it ’til all
was said and done.
When my staff put the stats on my desk Tuesday, I did a double take,
and yes, even got the calculator out.
Why? Because our practice is rocking even as I put in an equal
number of hours consulting, writing, creating media, etc.

The bottom line as to how and why?
I always do what I advocate for clients.
And it’s created a smooth running, profitable machine that patients
love to come to and bring their family and friends.
And with Neuropathy patients averaging
an hours drive one way to see us, passing 75 other offices along the way…
In any event, after yesterdays email we were besieged with faxes and questions
So I added a call in hour today from 1-2PM EST, for clients and prospective clients
who want to take advantage of the HUGE bonuses which expire at NOON FRIDAY EST.
But, I’m gone ’til Tuesday after today, so if you have questions, get to me today.
Call me on the bypass line at 781-659-7980 ONLY 1-2 PM EST Thursday 5/27/10.

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