Lets Face it. Private practice is becoming more an entrepreneurial business than ever before. And you know there can be big things ahead for you! BUT, too many docs are woefully unprepared, and untrained in business skills and management.
Even if you’ve been at this for a while, you might still be missing the secrets that can unlock YOUR OWN PERSONAL incredible success story.
Here’s what Foundations Coaching is all about…
This is a 10-week, intensive program designed to cut out all the fluff, and actually train YOU as the practice owner, on EVERY CORNERSTONE of a solid private practice and in turn make sure YOU can put together a winning office team, and SEE lots of happy, satisfied patients! THIS PROGRAM IS LIKE THE CHIRO-MBA GRAD SCHOOL LEFT OUT!
By popular demand, we’ve added a 3 pay feature to Foundations, the revolutionary program designed to be the launching pad to incredible private practice success!
Call us while seats remain open!

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