Only time will tell.

Tomorrow I’ll celebrate 29 years of opening the doors of my chiropractic practice.
Recently, after the death of my father in law, my wife discovered some stuff he had held onto. One of those was a commentary of mine from 1978, published in the ACA Journal when I was an NCC student as a letter.
Back then, I was expressing frustration with how I saw chiropractors practicing at the time. My vision was that the chiropractic profession would continually grow and evolve. Work side by side with mainstream medicine while maintaining a unique, perspective on treatment while advancing alongside the powerful diagnostics which were back then only dreams.
My desire has always been to have DCs working side by side as peers with other professionals primarily MDs in treating sick patients, not just aches and pains, (not that thats not valuable), but really sick and debilitated patients.
Now, almost 30 years later, I have a hand in making that a reality.
And whats happened, is that our work together with the help of docs just like you is finally making this a reality.
MILLIONS of patients need many more doctors to step up to the plate.
If you already have, I sincerely thank you, and want you to know its an honor to work and share with you.
But, will these more doctors be DCs?
Only time will tell.
So my question begs today, do you share my vision?
If so, you should know we’ve really seen some great variant applications of the NeuropathyDR™ protocol for so many very sick people concurrently afflicted with many medical issues.
And you know what? Its all because there is nothing else out there to help some of the cases we are now able to dramatically improve quality of life for.
Don is 85, has had post-herpetic neuralgia for 5 years, his meds even put him in renal failure. When he first came to see us, he was having 40-50 attacks of lancinating pain per day. A after 1 ND designed PHN protocol sessions these subside to 4-5, and as he implements the full protocol starts to “reawaken” after years of misery.
Louise is 94. I had treated her for years after her Gullain Barre Syndrome, kept her somewhat mobile and comfortable.
But then I took a look at what ND has done with other sensory neuropathic conditions and adopted a PGB protocol. Less than 2 weeks later, she can dorsiflex her ankles fully, and walks mostly without her cane. After 20 years of daily misery and emotional anguish of not being able to feel her feet!
Do you have the skills to help these patients?
Well, even after I had 27 years of practice, thousands of hours of education and report after report that said theres little to no help for these patients, that’s all changed.
These are just 2 of many sick and sometimes desparate patients who need more help.
Doctor, these patients are clamoring, calling and knocking in my door for help.
PS If you think you have what it takes to be a NeuropathyDR™ RIGHT NOW, please call us today at 781-754-0599, or learn more at

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