"Foundations" 10 Week Coaching- The MBA that they left out of Grad School…

“Foundations” 10 Week Coaching- The MBA that they left out of Grad School… http://perfectpracticeweb.com/Foundations.html

If this message finds you completely satisfied with your practice and the life it has allowed you to create for those who love and depend on you, then read no further.

Congratulations on really LIVING YOUR DREAMS!

But, it you are finding practice a real challenge, or simply want to know you can have more time off, help more patients and reach financial prosperity and the ultimate choice of being completely in control of your future, stay with me.

In my work as a chiropractic consultant, I have discovered that just 10 simple things can mean the difference between developing a phenomenal personal life and career, or bankruptcy.
But I have also discovered that even doctors who think they have all the bases covered when trying to grow and implement new systems still struggle and become frustrated because they lack one thing….

And that one thing is a strong FOUNDATION.

Let’s be real. This hard-core truths of this business can be VERY unpleasant.
If you have been practicing for years or are just out of school, you are probably aware that way too many DC’s struggle, default on school loans or worse yet declare bankruptcy and are left broken and embarrassed.
Well, I can tell you after almost 30 years of practice much of this is avoidable, if…you simply learn and perfect just 10 key building blocks that make up a strong foundation.

And what we have done, is put this all together in a very affordable format, that creates mastery of each step in a 10 week accelerated program.

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