The BSOS and Implementation Failure, this is a really important topic.
As you should know, despite the economic doom and gloom, some segments of the economy are still growing. Private healthcare is one of these. Still, some incredible economic exchanges are occurring, some right in your own area.

So, if that’s the case, why have almost 70 offices closed in my state alone in the last few months, while others are doing better than ever?
I do believe it’s an epidemic of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.
A lack of focus by business owners on key modern, PERTINENT needs, and NOT engineering in capacity to handle these with appropriate systems.
Instead, looking for the next bright shiny object.
It’s honestly because some docs are just not being fully aware of societal trends and then taking advantage of them to really help humanity. Being ready to serve in this new world.
That is after all the only REAL reason patients, or anyone for that matter will spend thousands in cash to fix a problem YOU have the answer to.

And you know what? If you CAN’T fix their issues, not only do patients go elsewhere, but also they tweet, IM, and post their way around the world, in minutes! And when they find some one who DOES actually meet their needs, well, they actually build your practice.

This actually is happening NOW, as patients are finding our ND docs on-line and hear from their MDs and friends about the *Referral Ignition, post rehab, long term care, and specialized programs, free self-care training and education for patients on and off-line their DCs and PTs implement, the high quality Instant Patient Newsletter with incredible publicity, on-line sharing and forwarding is bringing them!
We actually had a patient this week find us on-line, and call NeuropathyDR™ offices around the entire country on Monday. She wanted to see how our OTHER docs were doing, while researching for her ill husband, ONLINE, in a matter of minutes.
So, respectfully, consider this fair warning. The private practice world is changing VERY fast now.
If you want to be part of it, you’ll need not only all the modern tools AND systems, but the implementation training and outsourcing education and staffing solutions (virtual and hard copies!) to make this all reality.
PS, your *BIG chance ends at Midnight to be privy to this info.

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