Some Incredible Breakthroughs For Chiropractic Patients

Hope this finds you doing great and getting ready after unwinding a bit this weekend.
I spent a good bit of the week in Dallas with some great friends.

Boston Harbor yields a 33" Spring Striped Bass
Boston Harbor yields a 33" Spring Striped Bass

While I was there, I was introduced to an Ophthalmologist using technology originally invented for the Russian Space Program. With the addition of modern Smart technology the devices were designed to heal numerous disorders using the spinal cord as its gateway via stimulation of cellular ATP and release of neural peptides.
This is quite unlike anything else I have ever witnessed. Blew me away. We’ll have way more on that one in the next couple months so there are lots of great things coming your way from this trip…

I did want to let you know that Tuesday at 1PM EST
Dr. Phillips and I will be talking with one of our most incredible
Neuropathy Docs, Dr Richard Merritt.
Immediately after becoming our client he had 50 Prospective NPs from just ONE insertion of our ads and has put our system to incredible use in his huge practice.
Be one of the first 200 to register at the link blow and you can join us.
I urge you not to miss this.
That link to register, where you also get the 20 Million Patients Webinar is

PS Some great are opportunities still up at

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