Welcome all new RI and ND and PPW members! It’s been a very busy week.
But more on that later.  Its very late Wednesday night,and I am writing this to you overlooking the Dallas skyline, after a really special dinner with great friends. Now, more for DCs on RI.
Nitin and I COMBINED the best of the best in this never-before-done venture.
I gave you hints as to why in “What Now Mr. President?” 2 weeks ago.
Never has there been a need for more powerful, low cost practice development strategies.
Go to http://referralignition.com/special
There is nothing to lose except your shot at insiders information that could change the way you look at private healthcare, forever!!
Look, its this simple. For those waiting to get into REFERRAL IGNITION til the last moment, you might get locked out. Only 30 of these first sets were produced, and we’ll be relaunching next in August at a MUCH higher price point. And several seats have gone already.
Here is the scoop. Many months ago I asked Nitin to partner with PPW on Instant Patient Newsletter.
As you probably know, it has Chiros RAVING about how easy it is  to use, and how patients love the CHIRO CONTENT and consistency of delivery. And every single newsletter and images are put together by yours truly. Hand selected, relevant chiro content.
What you may NOT know however, is how much Nitin and I actually have in common done in over 20 years of combined professional coaching (initially unbeknownst to us) in two separate professions.
Very powerfully.
When he asked me to include DCs in Referral Ignition, I was ecstatic.
And I will be there for you in RI every step of the way too.
You see, there is a lot of lousy marketing out there in chiropractic. It’s why to this day the public trust of DCs is not what it should be.
What I think is so powerful in everything Nitin and I have produced together is it builds long lasting relationships with ALL four key facets of getting and KEEPING patients.
Plus KEY, never before shared with DCs TOOLS to generate lasting physician relationships, for the good of our patients and communities.
Its a far cry from a lot of the stuff DCs have been fed before. PLUS, you’ll get INSIDE secrets of building huge RESIDUAL income in your practice.
And I am not talking chiro “Family”plans, which I’ve always hated.
No, this is information you WILL NOT get anywhere else, because DCs have been with all due respect, been way behind the curve.
And, the best part? This has NOTHING to do with insurance, which is going away for all of us in private practice.
And its AMAZING, how well my own Maximum Referrals, one of my biggest events (now on DVDs CDs and Workbook)
dovetails with everything Nitin and I spaoke to you about last week. The same with my Adwords, postcards, physician involvements etc have blended with Nitin.
In any event, there are still a few seats left. Just not for long.
Pass this one by, and there is nothing I can do.
Take us up on the opportunity, you LOSE NOTHING, and likely GAIN an entirely new perspective on promoting your practice based upon meeting human needs.
Is’t that after all what practice should be???
Go to http://referralignition.com/special
before its too late!
PS, in addition to all the goodies already included with RI, consult time, 100% NO HASSLE guarantee,
I’ll GIVE you Maximum Referrals AND the next 7 Docs  2 Seats at our Annual Superconference In Boston
August 20, and 21, a $994 value.