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Systems, the Emyth and Helping More People In Private Practice

This video is excepted from “Impeccable Systems” DVD Set talking about practices inter-related systems…
“Unlike large corporations in our smaller business worlds, we in private health care don’t have any places to run and hide…
In our offices, we certainly don’t.  When a system goes down, everybody knows about it because it becomes blatantly obvious.
Systems are by definition and by systems theory, a set of interdisciplinary parts, which is really quite interesting if you examine it.
Sytsems Theory states ‘Systems are a series of interdependent entities, real or imagined, which form an integrated whole’
That’s a very important definition that’s I think the best definition of systems I’ve ever read. It’s the very, very same thing in our office as well.
I would like to talk about a quote that one of our platinum clients made to me on the phone a couple of months ago. He said and that is, “the issue when teaching this is getting doctors to realize that systems are something in private practice that run whether you are at the helm or not.”
“Whether you’re at the helm or not…” I think was the most powerful thing that he said to me because that is the truth.  Doctors need to understand that—your phones need to be answered the right way whether you’re there or not.  Your collection system needs to be handled the right way, whether you’re there or not.  You need to be saving money. Marketing relentlessly.
System after system after system.  You can set these things up so they continue to run in perpetuity unless something interferes with it, which often times happens, which again is one of the reasons you need to be continually tweaking, refining and managing your systems.
Now, we do have some tools today that I think are going to make life extremely easy in practice.  Joe Norcott and I talk about that extensively with a software program that we developed together, which for the first time, I think is going to really help you manage your office much more efficiently.
Lets talk a little more about the Emyth.
Michael Gerber’s eMyth physician is must read. Michael Gerber’s other books, you should also own.  The eMyth Manager, the eMyth Revisited—very easy stuff you can read them in a weekend.
I read Michael’s stuff about 15 years ago, it changed my life forever.  I was one signature on the bottom line from getting out of private practice.  I read Michael’s books one weekend and decided I was going to stay in practice, but my life was going to be totally different and strictly lived on my own terms.
And that I would continue to develop and now share the sales and marketing strategies for the new would we were about to enter.
When it comes to the difference between marketing and sales, both marketing and sales are vitally important, but there’s this distinctive difference between the two and make no mistake about it.
When you are taking a new patient telephone call or prospective phone call from a patient, either yourself or by your staff or you’re doing a report or finalizing an examination, you are in the sales business.  Like it or not, some people seem to think that’s a dirty word.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
All of life is communication; all of effective interaction is a sales process. You have got to understand that. The more you learn about the sales process, the easier you’re going to understand how you can interact with human beings on a much more efficient basis.
I think that doctors in particular struggle with this concept because they want to help people.
Of course, you’re helping people, but practice is  also your livelihood. From that perspective as The Chiro Marketing Implementer Kim Canducci says doctors in private practice need to understand that completely because that is the bottom line of the business that we’re in.”
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