When do medical physicians refer for Chiropractic Consultations?

How do I get medical physicians to refer?
That’s the number one question I get from
colleagues everyday. The answer is in the
physician referral generation letter here…
I also give you the phone script and a video walk-through
of how to this easy system works.

When I started my private practice, I used this
exact system and got five doctors to agree to
refer me patients – and just the leads from those
five doctors DROVE my practice to hire an associate DC
and then open a PT Center with other DCs
shortly after I opened my doors (a good problem to have).
Well, that was a long time ago, but these very same docs
and now their associates (:
still send me their patients!
Now you can FLAT OUT have the most updated
version of my physician referral generation letter and
script as my gift to you just for being a subscriber.
Plus, you get a video where I  walk you through the
entire thing and show you how to use it.
Enjoy 🙂
John Hayes Jr DC MS DABCO
PS – Here’s where you can download my entire physician
referral generation system:
Also, I am conducting a webinar on Thursday night at
8 pm EST where I discuss SEVERAL systems like this
to grow your practice. To attend, please visit

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