Just wrapped up the weekend with a gorgeous Patriots Day sunrise this AM. Yup, it’s still a holiday is Massachusetts.
The weather wasn’t the best Saturday and Sunday but I did get the boat ready plus lots of stuff done for the week. Also had some great fun playing with fishing gear, speaking with local captains and shops too, as the season as they say is upon us.
And I did read two books in between the downpours, NeuropathyDR and PPW website and content changes for this week, and some prep work for Referral Ignition, a new program Nitin and I are joining forces on.
So all and all very productive.
But some people still think I am nuts. You see, I have always been able to get lots implemented, and have refined time management as an art form. To me it’s just a natural thing. That’s why Perfect Practice Web was born, the blueprint of efficiency and productivity in modern private practices.
But to many, getting all the stuff done for a powerful practice that needs to be, plus doing the fun stuff too is a struggle. That’s likely no surprise to any doc.
But it simply comes down to *“The War of Art”, as written by Steven Pressfield.
If you haven’t read it, you really need to.  He talks a whole lot about resistance, the entire lot of behavioral issues that stand between us and our biggest aspirations. This one might help with getting your big dreams actually accomplished.
And regarding your big dreams, I have some open call times Monday and Tuesday for our Clients and surge of new docs, welcome all!
There are some really great opportunities TODAY for all in our NeuropathyDR™ and Foundations Programs, so take action and really live those big dreams!
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