Yesterday was another very long day. But in a wonderful way!
I have been in practice since 1981, and since 2005 helping docs build their dreams, using chiropractic and physical therapy practice development tools, and powerful personal growth strategies.
Fortunately, both businesses are booming. More about that later.
Last two days, I worked all day in practice  ‘til after 7PM, then well into the evening answering not only our client doctors inquiries, but patient inquiries, both local and from around the country who find us on the web and our social media sites. And then up at it again today.
But after 7 tonight, it’s no patients until Monday. Off to play with my motorcycle and boat. All by design.
I’ll have to admit, some days in practice are getting really long. But that’s OK, because I created all this, deliberately.
So over coffee and sunrise this morning I am asking, If I am doing all this speaking, writing and traveling, how come I still have 8-12 New Patients and multiple former patients in my practice on 3.5 days a week, just like when I practiced 6 days a week?
We’ll its really simple. I still practice (no pun intended) what I teach!
Recall systems, theme based marketing, websites, thank you’s for referrals, MD relationship programs and some other really time tested, low or no cost internal strategies.
And after all the docs I’ve corresponded with this week who aren’t yet reaching their goals, I got to thinking, how can I help them the most?
Well, over the next month you will see. My friend Nitin Chhoda PT and I met this last weekend, and came up with some powerful things we both can do to help our professions right now!
For the next week or so, I’ll be sharing some of my time tested simple strategies with you for free. It won’t cost you a penny, just a little time on my blog and on-line.
But I ask one favor. I need help in my office! I have not yet found the right doc to step in and fill my shoes. So if you know any entrepreneurial chiropractors that want an incredible opportunity, please ask them to call.
Here’s to more patients in your office, for FREE!

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