How was your weekend?
Wow, what a whirlwind weekend on this end.
Friday AM took the Acela to NYC then over to NJ joining forces with Powerful Words Specialist Jason Silverman. We spent 36 Hrs honing PPWs new websites, products and brand new 10 Week “Foundations” Membership. Plus Nitin Chhoda DPT joined us for a breakfast mastermind Saturday. Just wait to see what comes next!
Then it was home on the last train out of Penn with a cold beer in Cafe Car!
All of this great stuff will be unveiled in the next few weeks.
But there is BIGGER News!
Social Media and Marketing Guru Dr Matthew Loop will lead our Gold and Platinum Members on an incredible Social Media Update 2010 LIVE on Tuesday!
P.S. Gold and Platinum BONUS Packages are GOING AWAY, 1 by one, this week.   As of this moment, Just 1 Complete set remains, and 4 Partial Sets. They’ll all be gone by Friday.
BUT, act by this week, and if your application is accepted by 5 PM Thursday, get 2 seats for SuperConference 2010, with Dr. Mike Beck, Dr David Phillips, George Youseff and Nitin Chhoda DPT,

So Its All FREE another $994 in bonuses for being decisive!

*refers to BMW Motorcycles and Cars I played with Sunday

325i Gets a Coat of Zymol

Have A Great Day!
John.  781-754-0599

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