This was a really great event on Tuesday night, with lots of Feedback. In fact, I’ve had several docs call in since. It’s also something Dr. Phillips and I spent a lot of time discussing this week.
Chiropractors and Any Private Healthcare Practice trying to make it on 30$ insurance visits is an absolute recipe for disaster. Who in gods name sold us on that? Actually, to a large extent it was from within our own professions. And now, the federal government wants to ask us to continue to help people in that model?
So, if you haven’t already made the shift to more self pay and niche specialization (hopefully a niche with sub-niches) You’ll never make it.
And it is that simple in Private Practice, no matter what your degree is.
In case you missed Tuesday, here it is again, with a self assessment guide by reply email upon registration.
Have a great weekend!
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