Frequency, relativity and usable content are THREE BIG KEYS and are components of marketing any modern practice.
And chiropractic practice is no exception. The more you can adhere to these basics, the more effective the plan. The problem is, it is nearly impossible for a busy chiropractor to do or see that this all gets done.
We find that twice monthly emails just like we do to patient subscribers of Instant Patient Newsletter produces excellent results, especially when the doctor takes her time setting up the sections that make her practice unique. That’s why we provide fresh and well referenced content.
This is done for you chiropractic internet marketing at its finest! And the entire process is automated. All for less than you should be collecting on a single office visit, per month!
You just cant beat this kind of system. Ease of use, relativity and usability plus optimal frequency. If you can,  just let us know how!

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