Now more than ever, the impact of your daily decisions is multiplied exponentially. Let’s face it, It’s not the easiest job in the world running a private practice, and add additional financial and social pressures from the world we live in today, it can be downright stressful.
Fortunately, this is also the best time to be establishing yourself firmly in your community, Building the practice of your dreams. It’s easier to get noticed, because there is less marketing clutter. It’s also far easier to obtain “pole” position in your community.
There are several things you can do to right now to facilitate in developing the skills you will need to design and have the practice you deserve.
The first item to look at is your own personal daily stress level in the office. I find that doctors create an inordinate amount stress on themselves simply due to lack of organization, and too often simply lack of direction to key staff persons. If you have not yet begun starting each day with a brief meeting, I suggest you do that first. Take three to five minutes with key personnel and make sure the major objectives for the day are outlined as well as reviewing key components of current marketing and promotions.
Second, consider your own study time. How much time do you allot to use the tools, and in skills development you will need to not only stay in practice but truly prosper over time. This of course requires you make time when you’re not seeing patients, when you’re not engaged in other activities.
Thirdly, when is visualization time? This key component is left out by far too many. The more crystal clear your vision is, better your results will be.
There are many very creative things that each of us can do in our own communities right now. Some of these things include hosting a community event (sports, cultural, etc.) And simply taking advantage of local radio and TV time. What about writing articles for the local newspaper? Simply spend more quiet time visualizing your desired results, and you’ll find these ideas continue to come to you.
And what about your own physical fitness time? Sometimes even doctors forget, that being in the best physical shape you possibly can be facilitates clear and more effective decision-making.
What about your next vacation? What about hobbies you engage in on regular basis? How much time have you dedicated to these?
The big picture.
Dr., if your practice is solely dependent upon a single stream of income, have you already designed other components of practice that will bring additional revenues your way? Some key examples include nutrition, decompression, specialization in certain conditions, etc., etc.
And what about your referral systems? Are you dependent upon a single source of professional referrals? Do you have a fully functional professional contact system in place so that you cannot only target groups but the appropriate subgroups? When was the last time you contacted them with regard to all the new developments in your practice, breakthroughs in patient care, etc. When was last time you had lunch with some of these professionals?
And what about referring to their practice? Do make consistent and appropriate professional referrals? If not, is difficult to expect the same in return.
Next, It has been said, many times that failure to plan it is just like planning to fail. Have you posted an annual calendar? Noted all the services that you plan to implement as well as all your personal time off? Do not forget the daily activities, and marketing programs that you know you will need to be engaged in to truly prosper.
This year already, is hallmarked by relentless changes. Future Shock is here, in full evidence. Quite likely, it’s only the beginning. Always remember though, the better prepared you are, the better your results will be.
Lastly doctor, what is your personal vision? What would you like to obtain both with and from private practice? If this is not clearly spelled out, I’d suggest you do this first.
Then, embark upon a new personal growth program. This is precisely what I do with my coaches and mentors. Gather all of knowledge, tools, and skills you need to implement a new game plan. This must include your goals, as well as benchmarks along the way to make sure you remain on target.
This is where your inspection and analysis skills such as keeping basic statistics, obtaining staff and patient feedback, as well as regularly kicking back and taking a look at the big picture.
Finally, here’s the key concept. Learning to really live and practice in this way not only reduces your stress level but stimulates your financial wellbeing as well.

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