Sage advice from a master, spoken many years ago. I am not sure exactly who, or I would give due credit.
And you know what? It’s very Darwinian, especially in chiropractic today. Only the fit will make it. And come out so much better. I know this as I speak with doctors all over the USA.
This is a great time to reinvent yourself personally, spiritually, and refine your practice make-up, vision, goals, and especially your systems.
So much is happening so fast right now.
Just ask your patients. Ask them what they need. What they want from you to achieve their own objectives. Is it a back “Crack”, or a knowledgeable? Doctor of natural healthcare?
And by asking this, you find out how good a job you have done educating your patients. Or not.
Do you also have many more MD referrals for non-back-ache conditions? What about true, integrated care for your patients? Is your therapeutic arsenal expanding? Does the chiropractic message make it through all the clutter?
Tough times need accurate answers, and clear honest appraisals.
To that end, we need to also know what your needs are. Really. This is the best way we can help you grow.
For example, staffing, marketing and especially technology systems we wrote less than 18 months ago are being revised. Collections systems, theraputic delivery to patients. This is Future security, healthier patients and our own future fulfillment.
It’s the antithesis of Future Shock. It will be essential to survival. I can’t say it any stronger.
Out of all this, is emerging an entirely new model of practice, and practice development.
Stay tuned.

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