This is something I get to observe each and every day as a consultant, and indeed as a treating doc. What separates the hugely successful from the rest in most areas of life? You probably have read similar stuff dozens of times. But if you are not “confidently advancing in the direction of your dreams”, right now, take some time with these typical successful characteristics.

  1. A Clear vision of what practice and private life ideally looks like.
  2. The Physical capacity and energy to execute the vision through fitness, rest and nutrition. This alone is a priority. Those around you are energized as well, or they just can’t keep up, and may pull you down.
  3. Growing financial savings from managed expenses and wise investing.
  4. The basic tasks are systematized, on autopilot; you simply inspect what you expect. Don’t get me wrong, you must initially create and start these. This includes marketing, accounts receivables and payables, your front desk, savings plans, and whatever else you can simplify.
  5. The systems that run your office and home are simple, straightforward and easy to adapt as the environment throws changes at you.
  6. You make use of good coaches and your own support groups.
  7. Your daily life and actions are true to your “highest self”.
  8. Regular inspection and adjustment of all these takes place; (we call it The Ultimate System).

Now, this is just a synopsis, but so essential, and so often missed by too many. But to really move forward in practice, and indeed life, we all need to work on these first.
Dr. John Hayes Jr, is president of Perfect Practice Web, and has 26 years experience in multidisciplinary and chiropractic practice management. He may be reached through email @ He welcomes consulting, publishing and speaking inquiries at 781-659-7989.

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