Looking back, about a year after first writing about Commanders of Change™ as a progressive new breed of doctors, little did I realize how prophetic it would be. The doctors in private practice we see doing the best even in this brave new world are commanding their own change, and reinventing themselves, and their practices. Despite the outside world. They have indeed learned to Practice by Design ™.
Those having extraordinary difficulty in private practice are instead practicing by default.
Its no secret, things are very different in your patient’s lives now too. More than just an election year uncertainty. Entire pillars of American society are shifting very, very quickly.
So, here’s the simple choice. Learn new systems, grow, and become more patient-centric while reinventing your practice, yourself and your future.
Or, do nothing, and wish things were like they used to be. Either way, recognize it is a choice that will have profound consequences on the rest of your life.
I am not saying it’s easy. If it were, all doctors in private practice would easily gross six and seven figure incomes. For some of us, it’s the most difficult issue in life right now.
I do however speak from experience when I tell you that the direction you take now, because it is such a pivotal time can mean dominating your given market area, building a powerful, profitable practice knowing you are fulfilling your professional destiny, and having that extra income committed to permanent interest bearing investments that can give you a lifetime of freedom.
Or, failing to act decisively, quickly, while gathering all the tools and information you must have regardless of who or what tries to dissuade you can mean closing your doors. It’s this simple.
Do you hang around with naysayers or dwell upon how tough things are while distressing about loss of income and your investments?
It’s your choice.
Or, have you instead asked for help where you need it, moved forward with a clear vision of the future instead of regrets about the past.
While you are reviewing or reformulating your game plan, here are some of the critical areas that need special attention.
First, are you and your entire team communicating the true value, the most meaningful benefits about what you do, and simultaneously making it easy for those who want more of what you have to offer raise their hands and buy more?
Do you talk only about pain, covered visits, or ‘Longer, healthier life with the energy and physical capacity to engage your passions to their fullest’? Do you teach them how to be continuously “Looking and feeling spectacular?” And “Having more energy than people 10-15 years younger’?
Because doctor, this is exactly what your care does for people.
If you are not currently fully engaged along these lines, this is where I advocate you spend lots of time investigating how the practice development programs we have developed for you can best be deployed to make all this your reality too.
Always remember, these are the patients that tell everyone about their doctors. And gladly pay for everything you do. And come back year after year with their kids and grandkids.
Next, is your team crisp, efficient, friendly and understanding? Do they go out of their way to make the office a place people love to come to, and tell everyone they know? Do they also fully support you or stress you out way too much? This also, is a choice. Your choice.
As a vital referral driving and expanded patient care network, what is the quality of your healthcare professional relationships? Have you aligned yourself with like-minded MDs, DMDs, DPMs, etc? Do they refer easily back to you in complete confidence? Do you work to continue to help them as well as their patients?
Most importantly, do you have a clear vision, and a step-by-step game plan to make this all a reality?
Not too long ago, I wrote how to develop a step-by step implementation game plan. If you are having difficulty with any of these critical areas instead of going into overwhelm dedicate some quiet time, a day or two out of the office if need be, use the simple system I developed for you and just get it done.
And remember, this is where good coaching and modern tools and systems are priceless.
I look forward to hearing your success story!

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