On any given Tuesday, I consult with my coaching Platinum and Masters Table clients extensively by phone. In one particular session, there were two clients back to back from similar parts of the country. They were in the same age group. One doctor had been in practice about 15 years and the other about 12 years. One doctor was doing extraordinary well. The other doctor was absolutely going down the tubes. What could possibly account for the major differences?
I investigated a bit further. What was happening was that the doctor that was going down the tubes and having a difficult time had failed to respond to warning signals many months earlier and the changes that were thrust upon his economic environment.
Certain third parties came in and basically said, “There is no more chiropractic coverage for X, Y and Z.” His entire practice, which at one point in time was an enormous practice, was suddenly shut down because he had nothing to fall back on. He had no other pathways.
To bulletproof your practice and future in any economy, you have to maintain a very close and diligent watch on your vision. Along with this, you have to make sure that you have developed the personal time to reflect and investigate, and the necessary administrative time in your office to deal with all these things.
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