It's important that you take steps now.

Happy Groundhog Day!!
It’s important that you take steps now to make sure that you’ve solidified the financial income to your office and the amount of personal savings that’s actually coming from your practice.
Did you cower from a fee increase this year? Why?
The world is changing extraordinarily fast.
This was the topic of my workshops and Future Shock events as a chiropractic consultant around the country in 2008. I had no idea how prophetic that whole thing would be back then.
Now, I am continuously talking about the impact it has had, and I get to extensively witness the impact this has had on chiropractors and medical doctors in private practice.
The whole genesis of my Future Shock study and investigation started back in 2007.
Tomorrow hear two very similar yet very different stories.
…doctor,Check out this video on YouTube:
Instant Patient Newsletter
This is NOT just another newsletter,
this is a state of the art auto-pilot
email/fax/mail/Professional Marketing
system for this decade and beyond
written by DCs, for DCs!
…is written under Dr. Hayes direction to educate your patients and referring MDs, DPMs, RNs, PAs, DMDs and other professionals on the myriad of health benefits of Chirpractic Care YOUR OFFICE PROVIDES and is designed to be used in email, mail and fax, all from one system!
Please watch the video at Instant Patient Newsletter in its entirety, read through the FAQ’s.
If you still have questions, please contact our
IPN Admin office
Phone: 201-535-4475
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