The Real Key to Targeted Marketing

It’s no secret to anybody that’s been in practice for more than a few years that practice now is probably more challenging than it’s ever been. Even if you take away all the insurance issues, there are a lot of administrative headaches.
Nobody is going to escape these issues in practice. In order to deal with all these issues, absolutely everything in your practice must be bullet proof.
One of the things we’ve seen in this year is that the economic shifts have trickled down into practice. Let’s face it. The cost of doing business has escalated. Patients are certainly very concerned about their own cash flow. These issues especially affect those of us that practice in blue-collar communities, although they certainly haven’t escaped any socioeconomic level.
You simply have to take a look at what’s happened with Wall Street and real estate. These issues affect everybody, and they have trickled down to your practice. They have created problems in practice for people, especially doctors and their staff who are unable to deal with patients as effectively and productively as they could.
I am here to tell you that there is good news. The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if, and only if, you adopt certain systems and procedures. Autopilot, low-cost systems. This is really what it’s going to come down to.
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