The biggest concerns we hear from non-member docs around the country are declining insurance reimbursement and all the economic issues that go along with that like higher co-payments, deductibles and fewer office visits.
We have a society that’s under financial stress due to the cost of just about everything, and the trickle down effect that that’s had with the economy, which for the first time in decades has affected more affluent segments of society.
We also have a significant backlash in our society. We have resentment from patients with insurance involvement. In many cases, patients are paying very large sums for monthly premiums. Not only that, but now they have very high co-pays.
In some cases we’re dealing with patients with catastrophic coverage, which basically means that elective care is either not covered or coverage is very limited. In effect, we’re dealing with a much larger cash population.
The other issue we have is that more and more of us are interacting with medical physicians, which is largely a good thing. There is very little negative that goes along with that, especially if you do this the right way.
Each time we send a questionnaire, a common theme is staffing. In this day and age when staff have so much to know and learn, they need many more skills than they’ve ever needed before.
The chiropractic profession in particular has no widespread way of training people to do everything that needs to be done in the office. For the vast majority of us, it falls upon us as the owner-doctors to make sure that the staff gets the training they need.
And seeing this all coming, that’s exactly why I built Perfect Practice Web in 2005.
In 2010, this is where ineffective, old-school systems will fail you every time.
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