You have thought about your ideal patient. Next, continue by taking a very thorough look at the demographics of your area. If you have been in practice a year or more, run these numbers from your own software. Then, a really good exercise is to get a large local map, circle a radius around your office and have your team-marketing assistant use pushpins or marker dots to plot where your patients are coming from. I am sure you could do this with a web based tool as well. I still find a large paper map has had the biggest impact on effective planning. When it’s completed, post it on the wall right next to your marketing calendar.
Doing this mapping allows you to really see where your people are coming from. Upon completing this, the next step is to identify clusters. Are these neighborhoods, industries, and certain areas of town? What are the common links, if any? Spend time on this as it speaks volume about your reach, and effectiveness of your overall plan
In urban settings, this may be only blocks. And in rural areas it could span many miles across county lines. Most every doctor who has this analysis done by her staffing assistants is astounded by the findings.
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