The antidote is to vow RIGHT NOW to take each area of your practice, each of the 12 Key areas I identify, and set up the time and systems to go back and master each one!
And yes, it is a constant process (which is why frequent staff huddles and meetings are necessary). And recognition that the needs for approaching practice in this way actually expands as you grow.
This is why our 12 secret programs are so powerful, and our practice makeovers are so very effective. It’s because they force you into detailed analysis and corrective action.
And as you introduce something new, you must devote time to study, implementation, marketing, pricing, and potential rough spots with implementation.
Here are just 5 things on my list that too often get overlooked:
1. Dedicated doctor study, admin and planning time.
2. Dedicated staff time for marketing and admin. 3. No clear instruction or policies for patients.
4. Lack of effective pricing and collecting at the time of service.
5. Ineffectively conveying to the patient everything about your office (from your website to your treatments) that constantly reinforces in their minds they made the right choice!
The docs that pull this off behave emotionally and physically as effective CEOs.
Mastery vs. dabbling. In this world, your choices will be readily apparent.
But so will be the results! A powerful, profitable practice and enviable lifestyle that you so deserve.
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