It’s because my mentors taught me, and I was smart enough to pay attention, that the most powerful practices are built upon mastery, not dabbling!
As I said in the beginning, one very simple fact emerges – Masters get everything done while dabblers struggle seemingly forever.
I see this principle frequently when something goes wrong in an office. For example, a doc gets all pumped up over introducing a new service, or technique to the practice. The guy that sold her on it has had really great results, referrals and profitability. Case studies and referrals.
So, she brings IT back to the office, gets the staff all revved up, but in so doing actually takes them off other areas central to the practice, does not allow time for effective marketing or training, and in reality introduces this new procedure in a half hearted way.
So of course, when things don’t turn out right, there must be something wrong with IT.
I’ll give you the antidote to this practice management pandemic, but I’ll warn you in advance, side effects may include nausea and heartburn. Might even cause stronger visceral and emotional reactions.
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