Very often when I look at a practice and its doctors that are really making things happen a very simple fact emerges. Out of every conversation and analysis one simple fact emerges.
When I look at productivity and results in all areas of life and practice, it is clear that those who are the happiest, most productive and profitable have engaged completely in one area and department at a time.
Quite simply, from my very first telephone contact with these offices, it becomes readily apparent analysis of every step has taken place behind the scenes.
And quite obviously, they have trained their staff to answer the phone impeccably. Happy, polite, willing to help anyway they can.
Now of course, this is something I regularly do with enjoyment. I can tell so much about a doc and his practice, based upon how the staff answers the phone. Timing, attitude, how questions are handled, are they organized? And are all their tools obviously at their fingertips?
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