So why did the failure of one simple device cause chaos at the front desk?
It was because, unbeknownst to me, while I was taking care of patients in the back, instead of calmly taking card numbers and running the charges in batches when the unit was fixed, there was total disagreement among the staff on how to handle this. Something so very simple. When I observed this firsthand later in the day, I was absolutely flabbergasted. And next my staff saw a side of me I usually try never to display. The correct thing to do in this situation should have been so obvious!
How could this happen in the consultant’s office? The same way an undefeated championship football team gets their butt kicked in the biggest game of the year! Poor communications, failure of execution, and lack of applied discipline.
It was only because the new staff person was being given directives based upon fleeting thoughts from the others, rather than them thinking just a little more about what the office policies on collections actually are. I was nonetheless, absolutely livid.
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