When was the last time you spent time reviewing purpose, duties clarity, and basic compliance issues?
Fine tuning the staffing department can really be an enormous source of new patients, collections and overall energy, esprit de corps, if you will. And it costs just some quit time, a pen and legal pad and the action on your part to actually confront, and fix what and whom you have to.
Along these lines, how is your staffing payroll set up? Like GM or Toyota? Will you be looking for “TARP” monies or ready to compete on any scale? Hopefully, they are fully incentives, on multiple scales.
Also, what is your fun quotient in the office?
I don’t know about you, but when the fun goes, misery follows pretty quickly. Lots of this comes from simply having the right people, and regularly showing them your gratitude, at every turn Lets face it. Healthcare can really be tough. Make sure you acknowledge the efforts based upon correct intent. Fix as rapidly and as gently as possible what could be more in line with your vision. Strive to have a family like environment, and you cant go wrong.
The next really big area is office hours. How did you choose them? Are you overstaffed during slower times, but lack capacity of space, staff and equipment when patients in your area are really on the move, and want to be seen?
Also doctor, what is your own productivity like during demand times? Unless you are focused, clear headed and undistracted, patients are not getting what they deserve, and I guarantee you are leaving hundreds of dollars and opportunities to chance, or overlooked forever.
Have an Awesome Day! John

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