‘I like his stuff but I hardly know this guy…’
Jes is hearing this more and more from docs around the country, who is this guy on Nantucket, Marthas Vineyard, Washington one week, then tooling around on the Bimmer?
This guy is me, a 54 year old with a 12 year olds passion for motors and baseball.
I’m the guy who pioneered the no bull way to run private practices.
Look, here’s the real deal I have never shared publicly.
5 years ago, I became instantly disabled, had to close my second office I had recently opened.
For 9 months, every movement was constant pain. During this time, I showed up in the office as the coach, every day except for the hospital admission. Spent half the days or more, between MRIs, EPs, neurosurgical and neurology consults on my back, in my office. More on that another time.
My associate doc who I pulled from the second office worked with my coaching using my systems, seeing most patients.
My practice did not drop. Not a beat! In fact, my disability insurance company ultimately gave me a real hard time because my practice income stayed up!
Why you ask? Because the real power in practice, and yes indeed life, real freedom, is in the impeccable sytems.
Now, you too can learn all of this, practice it, end up free and financially independent like our successful member docs.
Or miserable and unfulfilled in one of the greatest healing arts. It pains greatly when docs call me with those stories.
If you are ready, the teacher has appeared.
Pick my brain or just introduce yourself on Special Call in Day (781-659-7989) this Wednesday 8/5 1-2 PM EST.
I’ll take my helmet off long enough to answer your questions, first come. 5 mins max.
Watch More from the seat of my R1150RS to learn about the NO BULL way to run your life and practice…
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Have a Great Day!

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