Powerful Lessons from Sarah Palin 9/3/08

Sarah who? A week ago, very few people knew who she was.
After last Wednesday night, the entire world does. This is the pure power of attention to important details in any endeavor
If you missed Wednesday evening’s 9/3/08 convention speech, you must watch it, in its entirety. Put all political leanings aside and watch this for all the following. (Really, its that good).
1. A brilliant first visual impression.
2. Very relaxed, honest demeanor.
3. Pointed delivery, with emphasis done just right.
4. She stayed on-message, building to a crescendo the entire time.
5. Complete integration of voice, appearance, background and demeanor to create an impeccable stance and recognition as a viable leader and authority.
Granted, this was a very well written and rehearsed event, but it contains the very same set of facts, which make you a powerful force in your office and community. (For review, its first visual impression, honest demeanor, pointed delivery, staying on-message, create an impeccable stance and recognition as a viable leader and authority.).
Doctor, this is the exact same stuff of which powerful practices are built, one new patient consultation or workshop or network meeting at a time. Every time.
This is also why you must design all these items
(Practice by Design). Your personal appearance, literature, phone scripts, staffing, absolutely everything!
Doctor, when you come from certainty, the masses will follow. When all components of any endeavor in life are linked, appropriate and effective, results become an unstoppable machine.
It’s no different in practice. Especially today’s. Patients and their families are more accepting. Referrals will flow like water, you rarely need to ask for more.
And, it’s remembered by all.
PS I was just told that a large percentage of Mrs. Palins Delivery was ad-lib, due to teleprompter failure. That makes this an even more valuable lesson.

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