Thank you for responding to our recent Aug 2008 survey. Here are the unfiltered results. Watch your weekly emails for details and new products and services!
3/5ths of Respondents were non-members.
1. What is your biggest concern in practice building in this current environment?
The overwhelming number of doctors still struggle with all NP issues.
Acquisition, case acceptance, etc.[Pease read my article below!]
2. What types of services are you most inclined to actually purchase?
Audio CDs by 60%, mp3s, and teleseminars were the remaining choices.
3. What is the single most important factor when considering theses services?
Ease of Use, cost, content all scored as equally important.
4. Which delivery method is best for free content?
Email 100%
5. Which is your number-one preference for paid content?
Doctors are 50% Split audio CD and mp3
6. What topics would you like to see in the next year from our company?
Patient retention and getting new patients in the door with little cost.
Treatment algorithms
MD marketing, JD marketing, insurance compliance topics,
Chiropractic diagnosis/technique
7. Given a choice, what is your most current favorite PAID way to learn new information?
Web Based and Live Events were split 50%.
8. MEMBERS ONLY: How can we best improve our services and programs?
One of the best, most helpful responses: integrate new topics to educate
Members better in today’s environment –
Examples would be a new diagnostic skill to use or a new marketing program
To implement.
9. NON MEMBERS: What is your biggest hesitancy about becoming a (DC) member?
Cost was #1 answer. ( Drs, are you aware of our Silver Steps Memberships?)
10. Would you be more inclined to use a teleseminar based membership service if an audio CD and Transcript were provided afterwards?
Yes 100% of the time!

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