Dear Doctor, this weeks article is a replay in part, if you will. I first wrote this on the way home from last years Miami SuperConference. Now, I am looking at the giant springboard that event was in so many ways.
What an awesome experience Miami was! Now, I am so looking towards California, as we finalize our guests and agenda.
In any event, this has been a very big year, with lots more coming your way. Several new products, services, web site and member privileges and a full-length book, which is in publication right now. ALL of this was born out of last year’s event in Miami.
And I just wanted to ask you all again to participate in our survey. This is your membership, and for our guests, a very important source of products, seminars and materials.
We’ll report the full breakdown on all 10 questions next week.
Your time means a whole lot to us. I thank you in advance.
PS. You’ll need s special subscriber code to save big on any remaining seats for California. Call or email us for details. Just don’t wait too long! Way more on this next week.
As I write this, it’s just after our Miami Superconference. I’ve got 3 hours before a late flight home (which is way better than some member stories from the start!). We finished up at Dolphins Stadium by watching the Patriots mow down the Dolphins. What a difference a year can make with a really phenomenal team and their coaching. Watching the entire field of blue and white out maneuver their opponents on almost every play. These players and all their coaches really learned from last year focus intensely on the goals (TDs) and made some very needed changes. And Man, does it show in 2007. Undefeated.
And so it is with our PPW team, and all our players as well. What a year it’s been since Boston, our first Superconference. We have quintupled our active membership, coast to coast. Our preview conferences are international, as is our Perfect Practice Tips. Now Miami is another big step, with California next!
What an event! My guests were nothing short of spectacular! Thank you all. I was so thrilled to meet our members from around the country in person. What a fabulous hotel, and environment in which to both play and learn. I was able to watch the interaction of all my members and guests, so ready and willing to grow, learn new skills and change. And despite Miami 2007 being held Fri PM through Sun AM, with numerous guests and vendors, our membership almost universally told us you want more next year!
So, Just after I finished my Sun AM Mastermind Breakfast, I decompressed, (Crashed) but next debriefed with my confidants, and came up with a list of over 25 things that will be different, better or expanded next year. Initially, these seemed trivial, but only several hours later I realize the impact of theses change will be enormous, and benefiting my doctors greatly from today forward. The effects of our changes however will be only most evident as they work in harmony, next year and beyond.
As I observed you with my guest speakers and vendors and talked with you all, it reminded me that it really is in the willingness to change that propels us all evermore towards success, happiness and personal fulfillment.
Doctors, you really teach ME so much, and I appreciate you evermore for that.
But here is what my biggest take away was. Practicing DCs almost universally are ready to be Commanders of Change ™. Unafraid to eject what’s not working or doing as well as it could. Setting life up on their own terms. Doing the right thing, regardless of external pressures to compromise. Even if its going to require some work, often extensive.
The reason being of course is that the same course equals the same and sometimes poorer end results. If you are totally satisfied with the status quo in life and practice, that might not be so bad.
But if you are not completely satisfied with your results and circumstances, only a different course will produce new and better results.
But where do we start with change? Never just for the sake of change! You must always have an end in mind, a clear set of objectives as your benchmark.
A good example is marketing. And here most especially, targets and goals are a must. If you cannot measure results with promotions, both internal and external, you have no data upon which to base the need for change. Spend more? Less? Change of media? A sub par performance in marketing campaigns necessitates change!
Conversely, if you can measure cost per patient or lead, numbers of new patients or leads. Etc., you can then make better decisions, and hence measurable results.
So, always have data upon which to base change. This is where basic statistics, and analysis is of enormous benefit.
In private coaching though, a major issue is the reluctance of doctors to act, to actually implement changes to avert an impending crisis in poorly performing areas of their life or practice. This happens too often, even when the doctor knows what needs to be done!
Remember, unsuccessful people are universally unwilling to do the work needed to take effective steps for change. Personal growth is about change. It’s about letting go of past ideas. It’s about finding new pathways, and fine-tuning for maximum results. Constant learning and upgrades. New skill sets.
Phenomenal results, and the life and practice of your dreams requires introspection, work, and good coaching when stuck, or unsure of what to do next.
Please, let this be you!
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We look forward to helping you grow your practice, and your life too!

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